International Certification CTT | Transform Action Last week we certified Wyser’s SECOND TEAM in the CTT Foundation International Certification: Welcome the new CTT Certificates to the Barrett Value Centre Global Network! Welcome to a group of people committed to people: Paloma Dominguez, Patricia Buendia, Laura Garcia-Quismondo, Alejandro Molpeceres, Ana Riera, Laura Garcia, Emilio Masa, Marta Sanz, Fernando San Sebastian, José Visiedo, Marta Romero-Requejo. Wyser’s mission is to position professionals and organizations in global environments. Wyser’s business is based on the following 4 corporate values:

  • People first
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Team spirit
Hand in hand with Gabriela Infer Arrom, Global trainer of Barrett Values Centre we welcome new international consultants in our CTT methodology. Cultural Transformation Tools Cultural Transformation Tools allow you to identify changes in values and behaviors required to improve results in teams and organizations. CTTs are being used in more than 70 countries to drive the development of leaders, entrepreneurs, individuals, teams, organizations, and communities. CTT Certification provides an answer to the following professional challenges: How do we align the values and behaviors of our leaders & teams with the values advocated by our organization? How do we strengthen engagement, generate trust and build pride of belonging, to create employee fans? How do we achieve the commitment of Leaders and teams to the objectives of the Cultural Transformation, Digital Transformation and Innovation and Customer Experience Processes? During the activity you will learn to:
  • Apply the 7 Cultural Levels model for individuals and collectives.
  • Design and apply CTT diagnostics of values for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Teams and Organizations.
  • Interpreting the results of the CTT diagnostics and defining lines of action to improve Performance Indicators, Performance and Engagement of your organization.
You can download the complete Program here If you want more information, contact us If you want to continue with your training consult our programs: Cultural Transformation Tools, Systemic Cultural Transformation, Connect, Transformation Facilitator.]]>