Liberating the corporate soul is a Richard Barrett book. Liberating the corporate soul is a Richard Barrett book. Tapping into the latent creativity and productivity in an organizations employees are two of the most important things any successful business should be concerned with. In a world where competition has become global, successful companies are learning to build competitive advantage through their human capital. In turbulent times, strategic success will also hinge on whether, in the eyes of the employees and society-at-large, the organization is a trusted member of the community and a good global citizen. Developing a values-driven approach to business is quickly becoming essential for financial success. Who you are and what you stand for are becoming just as important as what you sell. This bestselling book presents a convincing rationale for making ethical and socially responsible behavior the keystone in providing a high performance, globally successful business. This is not a book for the faint-hearted or those who lack the courage to live in alignment with their deepest motivations. It is a book for those who know there is a better way to do business. A way that encourages every employee to become all they can become. A way that allows people to bring their deepest values to work and have them celebrated. A way that promotes diversity as a pathway to innovation A way that seeks to create symbiotic alliances with customers, suppliers, the local community, and society at large and a way that supports the evolution of the planet and the human race. This book describes conscious capitalism before the term was invented.   Contact us if you want to receive the book]]>