#TransformAction at the First International Meeting, Creating Transformative Spaces to listen, learn, make decisions and be. Transform Action talks about the «Individual and Collective Transformation».

Last Wednesday, November 21, Transform Action was present in the Francisco de Vitoria University, through the Centro de Escucha Activa, the Vice-Rector for Quality and Organizational Transformation, who organized this first meeting with the aim of visualizing transformative spaces under different perspectives that develop active listening understood as the attitude that, from trust, humility, humanity, respect and full presence to expand the ability to learn, advance in the improvement of decision making and enable the ability to be of the person, the team, the organization and why not of society.

International speakers attended, such as Corine Jansen, Chief Listening Officer (CLO), member of the International Listening Association (ILA); Jorge Brandão, Vice president of the International Balint Federation of Groups; María Lorente, co-founder of the Mindful Leading Institute; Gabriela Infer, Manager of Transform-Action; Tirso Esteve, Independent professional in the Human Resources sector, companion in professional and personal development processes; Xavier Jané, partner of Coperfield for Social Good; Armin Kruger, founder and principal facilitator of High Performance; Natalia Márquez Amilibia, Director of the Integrated Management Development Institute (IDDI) of the Francisco de Vitoria University; and Agustina Jutard, Director of Skills and Competencies of the Person (HCP). «We are going back to touch the bases of the human being, lights and shadows as Plato said and all the essential values ​​remain very important pillars for the individual, humanity and organizations.» My job is to accompany, to walk and to learn also with the other, «to listen without limitations», to support a collective or a system in which to contribute value, where any human can do it from his «scope of action». Said Manager of Transform Action, Gabriela Infer. On the other hand, Stephanie Zweifel, Director of the Business Area of ​​the Máshumano Foundation, highlighted what happens with companies? «The speed of the change we are living», people have the responsibility to change and infect, to have an open innovation, to co-create and transform, to define missions, visions and behaviors with a sense and purpose to make a mark. «The fundamental basis of listening comes from humility», seeing someone as something valuable, and the first step is «listening to oneself from within», commented Tirso Esteve, Independent professional in the Human Resources sector. More information here about the event…]]>