VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), companies and people, who ultimately make up organisations, have to adapt or reinvest in order to face the changes taking place in the organisation and in the markets. Although this has been repeated for decades, with Darwin’s famous and famous phrase «The species that survive are not the strongest, nor the fastest, nor the most intelligent; but those that adapt best to change», although this is attributed to him it has not been proven to be his, but we can assure you that today it is real and necessary to take it into account. The digital transformation consists of a profound change of people and processes in the face of the rapid changes that are taking place today. The changes can be technological, in processes, in ways of working, in ways of communicating, etc. We all live the digital transformation, day by day, not only in companies, but as consumers or do we go to the bank every day, pay our bills in long queues? not anymore! We have to understand that the digital transformation has a fundamental base that is the cultural transformation; and What is the cultural transformation? At Transform Action, as specialists in this subject, we understand Cultural Transformation as But what is culture? For us Culture is… The values and behaviours used by the members of an organisation to relate to each other, carry out their work and manage the different Audiences of Interest in their company. It is also a «Collective Habit» that is created, reinforced and perpetuated through the daily interactions between the members of the organization and the people in its operating environments. The Culture of an organization creates the «experiential» attributes of Internal Brand (experience of employees) and External Brand (experience of Clients and other Audiences of Interest of the Company). The Cultural Transformation Process has the purpose of: To improve the Current Results of the Teams and to Reach the Desirable Results for your organization, by means of the Change of values and conducts of people and organizations, to obtain a longing or to consolidate a Superior Sustainable Performance. Without personal transformation there is no cultural transformation and much less, digital transformation. Cultural Transformation begins with personal transformation», organizations do not change, people do, and that is why personal involvement drives the transformation of teams. Without personal transformation there is no collective change.

Digital transformation: the role of companies

The role of companies in the digital transformation is very important in this change of era and paradigms because although we saw that they impact our day to day, the greatest impact is taken by companies. In cases where digital transformation is only taken as a technological change, the most logical thing is that we find ourselves with behaviors of resistance to change, because this is normal for human beings, and instead of accompanying, leading and producing that transformation, it rejects it in many ways. The strategy that is carried out in the digital transformation must include a cultural transformation and this transformation must be systemic, that is, through all the members of the system, of the organization. It is the right path. There must be a commitment on the part of the people who make up this transformation and the Leadership Team. Who are responsible for promoting and legitimizing the cultural & digital change to achieve a sustainable organization and prepared to face the present and the future. Empowering the people who will be agents of change is fundamental, as well as designing a process for this transformation to take place, implement, monitor and then of course measure the ROI. And you, are you prepared to lead the Transformation? We invite you to learn about our Systemic Cultural Transformation Certification and to change your future and that of the people you influence. You can download the TCS Program here. You can write to us at  ]]>