TransformAction to Reveal How to Gain Organizational Agility The International Seminar on Agile Culture and Organizations will take place on 21 March. What is an agile organization? How can we create agile teams and organizations? What is the leadership model in this new environment? What are the values that drive agile organizations? TransformAction will answer these questions at its International Seminar on Agile Culture and Organizations, which will be held on 21 March at the NH Las Tablas Hotel in Madrid. Many companies have already proven that communicating the new digital strategy, along with the values and principles that underpin it, is not enough for the digital transformation to be successful. For this, as revealed by TransformAction, it is necessary to align the processes and the way of «thinking and acting» of the people in the organization. «No matter how much we introduce agile methodologies, systems and processes into the organisation, without a real change in people, there will be no digital transformation», say company sources, who add: «A strategy will be as good as the quality and agility with which the people in the organisation put it into practice and the different audiences of interest in the company perceive it. People, teams and leaders are the key». Along these lines, they also explain that leaders and teams that are accustomed to working from conventional values and principles will resist the activation of the new values and principles that characterise agile organisations. For this reason, they emphasize the importance of «transforming this resistance to change into a commitment to become an agile organization» However, they point out that «values such as flexibility, continuous learning, personal responsibility for one’s own actions -accountability-, diversity, cooperation, dialogue in search of agreements, commitment and an innovative spirit will have to be activated in people». «It will be extremely important to know how to create spaces where people want to express themselves, connect and contribute with their talent,» said TransformAction. Without the change in people and teams, without the activation of new values and ways of acting, «there will be no Self-sustainable Digital Transformation», warn the experts. To create teams and agile organizations it is necessary to update the ways of «thinking and acting» of its members and transform the links they establish among themselves and with the different audiences of interest of the company. Héctor Infer, Maria Lladró and Gabriela Infer Arrom, facilitators and speakers who are experts in the evolution of people and organisations, will talk about all this during the Seminar organised by TransformAction, on 21 March, from 9:30 to 14:00, at the NH Las Tablas Hotel (Madrid), which is already filling its last available places. If you are interested, contact Ana Molina at    ]]>