Last week Héctor Infer, Global trainer from Barrett Values Centre – UK and Niran Jiang, Co – Founder from the Institute of Human Excellence Partner & Global Trainer from Barrett Values Centre – UK. Certified new international consultants in our SCT methodology. Systemic Cultural Transformation.

Welcome Juan Antonio Eduard from Barcelona, Bibiana from Medellín, Colombia, Guillermo from Buenos Aires, Argentina and Jone from San Sebastián, Basque Country! We want to thank the commitment of this group of professionals with the transformation of the teams and organizations and to welcome them to our way of evolution and personal and organizational transformation.   Meet Testimonials of the Participants ¿What have the Model and the SCT Tools. Systemic Cultural Transformation given you in a positive way? Meet Testimonials of Participants What have the Model and the TCS Tools given you in a positive way? Systemic Cultural Transformation?
  • «Methodology, clarity, equipment, support and security».
  • «A structure and a guide to work the Organizational Culture from certain certainties».
  • «They have given me a solid base and the assurance that what I am doing is well on track.»
  • «A new look».
  • «Real and practical cases illustrators of the model and tools».
  • «It has illustrated to me the way to be able to transit the Transformation of my business and the one of the people who live it»
  • «They have provided me with a tool that is easy to use and deep in an Organization.»
  • «They gave me a visualization for future scenarios.»
  • «They have stimulated me to concretize and land the vision, to lower the strategic to the practical».
  With SCT® you can: Identify and empower the members of a coalition that promotes change, that leads the Cultural Transformation from a shared vision and common values. Elaborate Cultural Transformation Initiatives, validate their contribution to Key Indicators of Performance (KPI) and their traceability with corporate values. Design a Master Cultural Transformation Plan focused on aligning processes and improving results, by activating new values and collective behaviors.   Next programs: Spain, Madrid. Spanish edition: March 28 and 29, 2019 Spain Madrid. English edition: 29 – 30 – May 31 to June 1 Virtual, Spanish edition: 16 to July 19, 2019 Spain, Madrid. Spanish edition: 24 to September 27, 2019   You can download the complete Program here If you want more information, contact us If you want to continue with your training, consult our programs: Cultural Transformation ToolsSystemic Cultural Transformation, Get Connected, Evolutionary change Facilitator  ]]>