MARÍA LLADRÓ, ASSOCIATE CONSULTANT OF TRANSFORM ACTION AND HABITUAL COLLABORATOR OF EL MUNDO – VALENCIAN COMMUNITY – SPEAKS US ABOUT MENTORING. Another word on the rise in our time, although its origin comes from well behind, from mythology. In the Odyssey of Homer, Méntor is the friend of Ulysses whom he entrusts the education of the son in his absence. The character has given the mentor’s name as the person who inspires, guides and helps another in their personal growth. The teacher in its most inspiring sense. A well-known story about a Sufi teacher tells that the teacher told a parable to his students every day without explaining their profound meaning. One of the students wanted to know why he did not discover the teaching of each parable. After offering a beautiful metaphor, the teacher ends up saying: «If I explained the meaning of each story … it would be like giving them to eat a chewed fruit.» The sufi teacher’s lesson invites each person to do their individual learning process. However, we must ask ourselves: why not offer the answers to gain efficiency and time? This is not the role of the mentor, but of the tutor, or the teacher: guiding us along a definite path, providing us with information and indicating how we should do it. Mentoring is another thing, it is a help relationship between mentor and student, especially useful to advance through unexplored terrains, where there is no script or there are multiple options. Growth processes in which it is convenient to be accompanied and supported by a kind, expert and mature person. Mentoring is today a tool for entrepreneurs and for all those who need to create a vision, develop a strategy and lead teams. People who seek answers and must find them for themselves because passion is only born of inner conviction. In this sense, the mentor knows how to ask powerful questions: those launched with the intention of making the one he or she guides think, those that extend our mental maps. The mentor is a more experienced counselor who walks by our side. Guide without the pretension to give lessons. Create trust and do not make judgments. He is a great conversationalist who listens and inspires. Ask with intelligence. He is the one who gives you a fishing rod instead of fish. He is the one who understands the absurdity of giving chewed fruit although from the unconsciousness we ask for it, we wait for it and we value it. Mentors are welcome to our society. Know more about María Lladró Link to El Mundo article   ]]>