María Lladró, Associated Consultant of Transform Action and regular contributor to El Mundo -Valencia Community- shares with us her experience in the family business and the generational succession, in a brave and enlightening way. THE NEWS of the family disputes between the members of El Corte Inglés bring me much more than a memory. It is to relive the sensations of those endless meetings in my family business where there was no longer an innovative spirit. The smell of the room with wood and carpet, the light that came ragged through the curtain of lamas. Trays with the mid-morning snack and coffee thermos on the table. We were people without awareness that the success achieved was not eternal. All family business studies point to its long-term focus. The founders create brands to last as a family legacy. Do not borrow in a reckless way but take care of the solvency for the following generations. In times of crisis, they try to keep the jobs of those workers whom they know to a large extent, waiting for the storm to subside. They are pillars of the country’s economy and employment. At some point, the long-term approach is truncated for family reasons. The family stops providing stability for the transformations necessary for survival, because it does not understand them, does not accept them or does not agree them. Transformations of leadership, culture, products and processes and, of course, customers and markets. Not evolving is a deadly trap; and do it the wrong way, too. They are very delicate moments because the desirable change has to be faithful to the essence of the company putting it in the key of the new environment. It takes vision, innovation, courage and economic commitment. They are steps in which the family can do a lot of good or a lot of damage. The worst evil is causing constant instability due to the inability to get rid of particular interests that impede proper leadership. Only 15% of family businesses, a small minority, surpass the third generation. It is convenient to look in the mirror and say very seriously: «We are not going to survive the third generation although now we do not believe it. What should we do to prevent it? »Work the collective consciousness of the family and ask for help if needed. Careful and qualified mediation opens the possibility for the family to reconnect with the value of the family legacy that is mistreated and hidden behind bitter disputes and resented burdens. That is to take care of the long term and rewrite the future. Know more about María Lladró Link to Mundo article  ]]>