Seminar Culture and Agile Organizations | Transform Action

Seminar Culture and Agile Organizations | Transform Action

Seminar Culture and Agile Organizations

On June 13, 2019 took place the Seminar Culture and Agile Organizations, where they were present responsible for people from different business sectors. Thanks to which the morning was very enriching, they shared experiences, similar circumstances and networking.

Participating companies: Banco Santander, Pullmantur, Mapfre, Mahou-San Miguel, Endesa, Astex, Correos, SegurCaixa Adesla, Ideare Aprendizaje e Innovación , Telefónica, Konnectare and Mediaset.

We thank all of you for your participation!

In the Seminar Culture and Agile Organisations several questions have been answered:

  • What is an agile organization?
  • How can we create agile teams and organizations?
  • What is the model of leadership in this new environment?
  • What are the values that drive people in agile organisations?

These questions were answered by Transform Action at its International Seminar on Agile Culture and Organizations, which was held at the NH Las Tablas Hotel in Madrid.

We are in constant transformation. We live in a VUCA world, for this, as revealed by Transform Action, it is necessary to align the processes and the way of “thinking and acting” of the people in the organization.

No matter how much we make digital transformations or technological changes within the organization:

Transformation is not only achieved with information.
Without Personal Transformation, there is no organizational change.
Transformation drives the evolution of teams and organizations.

Digital is what we are, not what we do.

Change has to pass through people and requires inclusive leadership and change enabler, in order to truly become an agile organization.

In recent years we have seen the emergence of new companies, called exponential organizations, or also known as ExO. The ExO, unlike traditional organizations are based on the assumption of abundance despite their limited resources. This allows them to be disruptive and transform industries in a very short time.

Transforming organizations involves changing how you think (values), how you act (behaviors), and updating the purpose that inspires your decisions in your organization.

This and other topics are those seen in the seminar Culture and Agile Organizations, where Héctor Infer and Gabriela Infer Arrom spoke, facilitators and Global trainers of the Seminar organized by Transform Action, with the collaboration of Ana Molina Gavilan.

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