The ECF® program is aimed to:

  • Managers of Human & Organizational Development, Talent Managers, Project Leaders of Innovation and Leaders of Digital Transformation.
  • Consultants, Internal Mentors, Facilitators & Coaches who wish to integrate the FCE ® Model into their professional practice.
  • Cultural Change Consultants who wish to update their competencies for facilitating evolutionary changes in Leaders & Teams.

In this program, you will learn how to unfold transpersonal leadership resources to facilitate the evolutionary changes required to boost self-expression, to deepen connections , and to empower the collective contribution to a higher purpose.


  • Evolutionary: Because we can activate new levels of consciousness, we can re- connect our passion with our work, we can advance towards our personal fulfillment, we can fins ways of flourish en our work situation and we can experience a greater physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.
  • Change: Because they imply a transition between our own working paradigms: from external references to internal references, from fear to “built in” trust, from scarcity to abundance, from we and they to us, from competing to cooperating and from the satisfaction of our own interest to contributing to the common interest of our team or organization.
  • Facilitator: Because is a person that inspires and empowers us to activate new ways of thinking and behaving in ourselves and in the other members of our organization.

ECF® Participants journey


  • Entry Interview, those interested in participating in this program will have an individual interview with one of the program facilitators to determine the scope of the certification process they wish to hire.
  • Before attending the ECF program, the participant will receive a guide to prepare a Case Study based on a real team of their organization.
  • During the ECF program, the participant will learn how to use the FCE Models and Tools to facilitate required changes in the Case Study Team and develop an action plan to activate new values ​​and behaviors in the Leader and Team members.
  • After the ECF program,the participant – based on the scope of the certification process hired – will receive virtual support from a FCE Mentor, to implement their action plan and evaluate its impact on Team Performance Indicators.
  • ECF Practitioner Certification, the participant obtains the “ECF Practitioner Certification“, once presents the results of his action plan, implemented within the conditions of the certification protocol and to the complete satisfaction of his client.

Do you want to learn to facilitate the evolutionary changes in teams and organizations?