About International Certification SCT Systemic Cultural Transformation

The SCT® Certification Program is a joint project of Transform Action and the Institute of Human Excellence, whose higher purpose is to contribute to the conscious evolution of leaders, teams and organizations.

This SCT® Program is officially endorsed by Barret Values Centre, aimed to: 

Managers of Human & Organizational Development, Talent Managers, Project Leaders of Innovation and Leaders of Digital Transformation.

Consultants, Mentors, Facilitators, Business partners & Coaches

CTT Certified Consultants who wish to update their competencies for designing and implementing Cultural Transformation Processes.

In this program you will learn how to design and implement processes of systemic cultural transformation, focused on improving Key Performance Indicators of teams and organizations.


SystemicBecause the activation of a new set of values and collective behaviors is achieved through the updating of the cultural archetypes of the members of the organization.

Cultural Transformation: Because the alignment of people and processes with new strategies and corporate values, requires renewing cultural artifacts and the human management systems of most organizations.

Process: Because it takes time to update our personal paradigms and energy, is needed to modify habits to apply new ways of thinking and behaving in the work situation.


SCT® Participants journey

Entry Interview participants shall submit expression of interest, then an interview will be conducted 1:1 with SCT facilitator to define the required certification process.

Before attending the SCT training participants will receive a guide to prepare a real case study based on Cultural Transformation requirements of an internal or external customer.

During the SCT training participants will learn how to use models and tools to design and implement a Cultural Transformation process for their internal & external customers.

After the SCT training participants will receive guidance and virtual support from a Senior SCT Mentor to implement a Transformation Process and measure its contribution to your customer’s KPI.

To obtain SCT Certification participants must present the progress reports and the results of a SCT project implemented in a real case, applying the tools acquired during SCT training and to the complete satisfaction of their client.

SCT® Participant’s testimonials:

  • “A new approach”. “Methodology, clarity, team, support and security” Juan Antonio Gómez, Gesem Formació i Consultoria. Barcelona.
  • “TCS has given me a solid base and the assurance that what I am doing is well on track”. “A structure and a guide to work the Organizational Culture from certain certainties”. “Real & parctical cases of the model and tools” Jone García, OPE Consultores. San Sebastián, Basque Country.
  • “TCS has pointed me the way to be able to transit the Transformation of my business and that of the people who live it”. “It have stimulated me to concretize and land the vision, to translate the strategic into the practical”. Eduard Ventosa, Gesem Formació i Consultoria. Barcelona.
  • “TCS have given me a tool for simple use and deep reach in an Organization”. “A visualization for future scenarios”. Guillermo Contreras, Tribeca. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • “Clarity on the methodology of processes of Cultural Transformation”. “Greater understanding of the levels of consciousness”. Manuel Rojas Vargas, Dole. Costa Rica.
  • “Everything necessary to be able not only to design a process of transformation, also to implement it, measure it and monitor it in the complete cycle of a transformation”. J. Luciano Cabrera. Mexico.
  • “A way of understanding the intangible and a way of managing it“. María Lladró, Family Business Consultant. Valencia Spain.
  • “Amplitude and awareness that in order to change the Culture of the group, we must change the individual behaviors, my own and how important the context is. Also helped me properly redefine the need of any process” José Javier Berenguer, Jose Javier Berenguer – Strategic HR Consulting. Alicante, Valencian Community.
  • “A very pragmatic guide to really implement a transformation of behaviors and levels of commitment in the Organizations”. Albert Pubill Pociello, Andorra Telecom. Andorra.
  • “Methodology and process”. Vivian Acosta, Talengo. Madrid Spain.

Videos & Testimonials:

Do you want to learn to define a Process of Transformation and a Master Plan of Transformation?

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