The Cultural Transformation Tools CTT ® support Leaders and Change Agents in building Values-Driven  & High Performance Teams that attract and retain talented people in their organisations.

The CTT Values Assessments identify the Cultural Drivers (New Leadership Values and New Team’s Competencies) required for the improvement of Key Performance Indicators.

This workshop have been designed for Consultants, Coaches, Facilitators and Corporate Development Managers who want to feel confident and skilled using and leveraging CTT into their professional practice.



The CTT methodology provides leads to plan and manage:

  • Leadership and Talent Development Programmes
  • Cultural Transformation and Innovation Projects in teams and organizations
  • Digital Transformation Projects in sales and service organizations

Attendees to our Certification Training will also learn how to:

Design and implement CTT Values Assessments linked to Performance and Engagement Indicators.

Deliver the main findings of CTT Assessments, as opportunities for the improvement of Key Performance Indicators.

Identify and activate driving values of cultural change and performance improvement  of teams and organisations.

Participant’s testimonials:

You will get:

  • An international Certification that will allow you to access models and tools to measure, manage, transform and align culture with strategy.
  • Affiliation with the Global Network of CTT Consultants, which allows interaction with other professionals who use CTT in 68 countries and 32 languages.
  • Right to contract the CTT Diagnostics directly with Barret Values ​​Center.