Ana Molina Gavilán

Ana Molina Gavilán

Networking & Business Development en Transform Action.

Her career path focuses on people, communication and networking.

She is a tireless researcher of new models for human development. Her life has always been guided by a great deal of curiosity and motivation to learn about human behavior as well as discovering how we can grow, move forward and evolve. She is the author of three books and more than 150 articles on the subject of wellbeing, motivation and personal growth.

She holds a degree in Business Administration from Bentley University in Boston, Massachusetts. As part of her own personal growth journey she has studied a number of techniques on the subject of the body-mind-emotion-spirit connection.

In 2015, she was selected to participate in the W50 Bank of Santander Leadership Program-UCLA at the Anderson School of Management in Los Angeles, California. This is a Leadership Program offered to 50 women leaders chosen from all over the world.

She is in a constant personal growth mode. She has studied Digital Journalism, Organizational Communication, Emotional Engineering, and Conscious Intelligence.

She is the creator and editor of The Net, People in Evolution, a web page focusing on communicating new concepts and models for human growth and the evolution of consciousness. She has interviewed people like Ervin Laszlo (Hungarian philosopher and writer) and Veronique Dumont (Annie Marquier´s daughter)

She has worked for a total of seven companies in the areas of Marketing and Sales. She worked as Marketing and New Business Director in a Human Resources company and also as Business Development and Coolhunting Manager in an Innovation Center at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

She started her career by joining the executive teams of multinational corporations such as Tupperware, Serventa (Altadis) and Kraft Foods.

She is certified as a HeartMath® Add Heart® Facilitator.

At present she collaborates with Transform-action in the area of new business development.

Since 2018, it is part of the CTT Global Community, made up of consultants, coaches and facilitators from more than 70 countries that use the Seven Levels of Consciousness Model to develop High Performance Organizations and Teams.

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