Pat Garavano

Pat Garavano

Currently, Pat is co-responsible in the areas of communication and marketing at Transform Action.

She coordinates the organization of International Certifications and programs of Transform Action in Spain and Latin America.

His professional career is focused on people, communication and new technologies.

After selling his own business in the fashion sector, he reinvented himself professionally, adding experience in digital marketing, communication and sales, to then work in Training Centers and Schools and in marketing agencies.

She has a degree in Economics from the Universidad Católica Argentina and has 3 Masters: Digital Marketing and Branding, SEO / Web positioning and Executive MBA.

Pat is passionate about her work, empathetic and convinced of the value of “active listening” and customer service “making a difference”. Qualities all indispensable to be able to connect with potential clients that approach Transform Action in search of solutions.

She considers her personal development and that of others to be fundamental. For this reason she is in continuous training, a philosophy of life to achieve personal and professional success, which he understands intimately linked.

Firmly believes in synergy as a result of teamwork and the richness of diversity.

Pat is part of the CTT Global Community, made up of consultants, coaches and facilitators from more than 70 countries who use the Seven Levels of Consciousness Model to develop High Performance Teams and Organizations.