Juan Carlos Siria

Juan Carlos Siria

Transform Action Associated Consultant.

CTT Certified Consultant. Barrett Values Centre

Consultant and facilitator of Change Management programs and Leadership Development of executives, teams and organizations. He collaborates in Cultural Change projects by using applications based on the Cultural Transformation Tools of Barrett Values Centre.

His professional experience in complex and global business scenarios allowed him to get deep knowledge about the challenges and characteristics of functional areas as are

Corporate Governance, Strategy and Business Development, Marketing and Sales. He was also exposed to several multicultural circumstances where his adaptability, efficiency and positivity was highly appreciated and recognized.

Juan Carlos has led and implemented Change Programs in several companies as: Nestle Spain, Nespresso Portugal, Telefónica , Esindus, SM, Almesa .

He did a MBA in ESADE after getting his Degree with Honors in Chemical Science -Quantum Physics specialization- . Afterwards he followed the Management Development Program (MDP) in IESE. //He has been trained in Co-Active Coaching (CTI) , Coaching of Relationships (CRR), and New code of NLP (John Grinder). He is Certified as Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant. In 2013, he ended his Master of Organization Development and Processes Consultant.

Juan Carlos consults, facilitates, trains and coaches in Spanish, French and English.