Héctor Infer

Héctor Infer

Founder Partner of Transform Action – Spain

Partner & CTT Global Trainer in Barrett Values ​​Center – UK

Partner, Global Coaching Group, GmbH – Germany

Héctor has performed managerial functions in the Corporate Development Areas of Xerox Latin American Group, BAT Industries and Bank of America.

He has designed and implemented programs for the integral development of Business Units in 16 countries, working from Corporate Headquarters in USA and UK and Regional Centers in Brazil, México and Argentina.

Since 1990, Héctor has developed Programs of Cultural Change for the impovement of Key Performance Indicators of a variety of organizations in Spain and Latin America.

Since 2000 he belongs to the CTT Network, since then he has integrated the CTT Tools in his professional practice and has developed applications  to align the competence systems – managerial, technical and commercial – with the foundations of the CTT Model.

Since 2002, as Global CTT Trainer at Barrett Values ​​Center has certified hundreds of people from Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Andorra, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, México, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Héctor has published the Spanish edition of “Liberating the Corporate Soul” and “The Values-Driven Organization” writen by Richard Barrett. He is also co-author of “Get Connected” and  ” A World Book of Values”.

He has developed the “Seven Archetypes Model” and has created the Programs “Systemic Cultural Transformation”, ” Evolutionary Change Facilitator” and “Cultural Business Partner”.

Héctor works as a Mentor, Consultant and Facilitator in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

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