Else Nollet

Else Nollet

Transform Action Associated Consultant

CTT Global Trainer, Barrett Values Centre

Esclarmonde Founder

Else is an international organisational development consultant with many years of experience transforming companies & schools into learning organisations by building values driven cultures and by supporting authentic leadership.

Else’s work focuses on cultural and personal transformation.Her passion is to facilitate, support and create sustainable and resilient organizations. She is a creative trainer and a talented coach.

She has been working with teachers, kids, refugee women, managers, consultants in different countries.Enthusiasm and creativity are her core values.Humor and laughter come across while working with her.Her openness to other cultures leads her to travelling and to enhance world citizenship.

Her scientific background gives her an analytic mindset that she combines with intuition and wisdom. Else’s approach is sensitive, pragmatic, very dynamic and holistic, striving for wellbeing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Else is certificated in Spiral Dynamics integral, Frameworks for Coaching Process, Innerlinks, CTT Consultant & Trainer CTT Part I & Part II and Permaculture Design.

Academically she has a degree in Science: Physics, great distinction, RUCA, University of Antwerp.

Else delivers CTT Certification Training worldwide in Flemish, English and French