Seminar: How to Build the Teams of the Future

Seminar: How to Build the Teams of the Future

Transform Action organizes a Management Seminar on How to Build the Teams of the Future by Aligning People with Strategy on November 7.

What is the future of organizations in the current environment?

How can we transform organizations from a conventional approach to new evolutionary approaches?

Most organisations have been in the process of transformation for years and have already seen that communicating a new strategy is insufficient to change the ways people think and act in the organisation. Providing information about change does not automatically make people internalise it, get involved and carry it out.

A strategy “comes to life” when people and teams “put it into practice” inside and outside their organisation. It is very important for people to understand change not only mentally but also to help them “make it their own”, i.e. to get emotionally involved by finding the individual meaning for that change within the overall purpose of the organisation. In this way they will be able to “connect” and support change instead of generating resistance.

It is important that the Management offers the general lines of top-down orientation: towards where and how to go and, in turn, generates spaces of autonomy and creation so that the people and teams of the organization can express, connect and contribute from their day to day. The creation of these environments facilitates the emergence of emerging opportunities for transformation, which are all those improvement actions that by carrying them out are capable of generating great changes. These possible bottom-up actions are only known by people in their day-to-day work and it is in their hands to carry them out generating change and progress.

When people act in line with the strategy, teams become a “competitive advantage” of their organizations.

Attendees to this Management Seminar will learn the most important keys to creating the teams of the future by aligning people with the strategy. There are three experiential learnings that they will obtain: first, to learn how to change the ways of “thinking and acting” of the people of their organization; second, to elaborate an action plan to build the teams of the future that their organization requires; and, finally, to learn how to lead the changes and the improvements required in the teams.

Héctor Infer and Gabriela Infer Arrom, facilitators and speakers who are experts in the evolution of people and organisations, will talk about all this during the Executive Seminar organised by TransformAction on 7 November from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the NH Las Tablas Hotel (Madrid).

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